These are just some of the many faux finish and decorative painting techniques in John Michaels Decorating repertotire.
New Decorative Finishes

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Design 6

Design 7

Design 8

Design 9

Design 10

Design 11

Design 12

Design 13

Design 14

Design 15

Design 16

Design 17

Design 18

Design 19

Design 20

Design 21

Design 22

Design 23

Design 24

Design 25
Animal Skins Faux Finishing

Aligator Skin 1

Aligator Skin 2

Aligator Skin 3

Aligator Skin 4

Aligator Skin 5

Aligator Skin 6

Aligator Skin 7

Faux Leather 1

Faux Leather 2

Faux Leather 3

Faux Leather 4

Ostrich Skin 1

Ostrich Skin 2

Ostrich Skin 3

Snake Skin 1

Snake Skin 2

Snake Skin 3

Tortoise Shell
Metallics Faux Finishing

Metallic Sponge 1

Metallic Sponge 2

Metallic Sponge 3

Spongee Hades

Shimmered Suede

Shimmered Suede 2

Shimmered Lace

Shimmered Lace 2

Luster Stone Fresco

Luster Stone Fresco 2


Micah 2

Beja Blue

Lusterstone Fresco

Bronze Valley

Simple Life

Metallic Plaster Copper

Palette Deco
Showcase Decorative Painting

Sandstone 2
Sandstone 3

Pallet Deco

Pallet Deco 2

Hilight Gold

Tequllia Sunrise

Golden Metallic Sponges

Rose Fresco

Red Sea


Textured w/Gold Cabinet Door

Shimmered Suede

French Tile

Metallic Tissue Paper

Red Waterfall

Golden Waterfall

Driving Rain

Trellis and Vines

Torn Paper


Kreos 2

Lace and Luster


Golden Bark


Stained Glass

Prairie Stile Bricks

Chabby Chateau

Rustic Stone

Glass Beads

Rusted Copper

O'villa and Wax

Aged Tin Ceiling

Golden Crackle

Pickled Stenciled Cabinet Door
Stencils Decorative Painting

Painter Dream

Guilty Pleasures

Embossed Leather

Venetian Plaster Embossed Stencil

Dinner Club

Terence Additions

Patina Deco Metal

Distressed Stencil

Chateau Cream

Raised Stencil

Aged Patina Stencil

Retro Bistro
Traditional Faux Finishing

Faux Marble

Faux Marble 2

Bella Fresco

Bella Fresco 2

Bella Fresco 3

Color Wash Stripe

Color Wash Veining

Color Wash Veining 2

Color Wash Veining 3

Color Wash Veining 4

Color Wash

Color Wash 2

Color Wash 3

Color Wash 4

Color Wash 5

Color Wash 6

Color Wash 7

Color Wash 8

Color Wash 9

Color Wash 10

Color Wash 11

Color Wash 12

Color Wash 13

Color Wash 14

Textured Strie
Venetian Plasters Faux Finishes

Gold Venetian Plaster

Blood Orange Venetian Plaster

Hilight Violet Venetian Plaster

Fuchsia Venetian Plaster

Azure Venetian Plaster

Suede Plaster Plaster

Venetian Plaster Blend

V.G. with Metal Glow

Poor Man's Venetian Plaster

Two Color Blend
Venetian Plaster

Crimson Venetian Plaster

Stained Glass Venetian Plaster

Highlight Gold

Highlight Amethist

Highlight Blue

Highlight Blue 2

Highlight Gold

Distressed V.G.

Distressed V.G. 2

Aged V.G.

Two Color Venetian Plaster

Two Color Venetian Plaster 2

Two Color Venetian Plaster 3

Two Color Venetian Plaster 4

Venetian Plaster Blend

Venetian Plaster Stripes

Aged V.G.

Venetian Plaster Blend

Two Color Venetian Plaster 2

Two Color Venetian Plaster 3

Two Color Venetian Plaster 4

Two Color Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster Blend

Venetian Plaster Blend 2

Venetian Plaster Stripe

Distressed V.G.

Venetian Gem

Venetian Plaster Sunset

Golden Wheat Venetian Plaster

Kiwi Venetian Plaster

Venetian Gem Bellissimo

Venetian Plaster Blend

Plum Luster Suede
Olde World Decorative Painting

Faux Wood

Faux Soft Wood

Faux Dark Wood



Faux Blonde Wood


Travertine Romano

Imprint Over Fresco

Distressed Marmarino


O'villa with Embedded Stencil


Golden Crackle

Distressed Wall

Olde World Wall

Olde World Plasters



Distressed Marble

Distressed Marble 2

Crack, Crumble, and Stone - Medium

Crack, Crumble, and Stone - Light

Crack, Crumble, and Stone - Light 2

Crack, Crumble, and Stone - Heavy

Distressed Stencil

Sandstone Wash

Lymestone Wash

Sands of Time

Distressed Concrete

Aged Leather


Lusterstone Sandstone 2

Driving Rain

Marco Island

Sand Dune

Verdigris Crackle

Distressed Gold Stencil

Crumbling Adobe

Tuscan Break-Out Brick

Embossed Foil Stencil

R.S. Crete

Distressed Wall

Bella Fresco Stencil

Indiana Limestone

"I recommend his work highly."

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