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John Micheals decortive faux finishing a house in chicago illinoisMission Statement – To work in a collaborative manner to enhance the interior and exteriors of our clients' home or workspace though faux and decorative finishes, straight painting, wallpapering, light carpentry and tile setting.  Always professional.  Always keeping promises. Always leaving your space better than how we found it.

Profile – The Core of JMD is a father-son team.  John's son David has a passion for ecology, technology, and writing.  While John is the artist and visionary of the team, David is the more technical type.  He and John compliment each other on the job site and in the office with their different skill sets,  experience and outlooks on life.  While the duo differs on some points and opinions, they maintain a consistent passion for their craft.


Painting Decorating Contractors of America PDCA : Painting Decorating Contractors of America is a national association that “exists to lead the industry by providing quality products, programs, services, and opportunities essential to the success of our members” by providing standard procedures and practices.  John attends multiple seminars and ongoing contractor college classes each year, and is a long-time member in good standing.
The International Decorative Artisans League IDAL: The International Decorative Artisans League is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of various decorative painting methods and techniques, offering education, certification, and professional networking.  John attends several classes and other professional events with IDAL each year.
Faux design studio FDS: Faux design studio is Chicago's premier school of faux and decorative finishes.  They offer a wide range of classes specializing in Faux Effects products and finishes.
Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes CIFF : Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes. Multiple classes attended each year.
Art Institute of Chicago Chicago Art Institute: John makes a point to attend at least one faux finishing class each year at the Art Institute of Chicago.
EPA Lead certification EPA Lead certification: JMD is fully certified by the EPA as a “Lead-Safe Firm” and compliant with the current EPA RRP procedures.

Warranty - John Michaels Decorating warrants labor and materials for a period of two years.

Insurance -Insurance is carried by the Rockford Mutual Insurance Company.  Clients may request a certificate of insurance.


About John Michaels

trowel wall finishes

Born in Wisconsin in 1962, John spent much of his early years working on a family dairy farm.  There he gained a strong work ethic and at the age of 16 painted his first house. When John wasn’t working on the farm he would take long bike rides through the forests and praires of the beautiful Wisconsin country side. 

 It was in Wisconsin that John gained his love of nature and first encountered the intricate balance of color and texture.  John is known for making the analogy:  “A prairie grass or even tree bark is never just one color, then why paint our walls one color?”  John is known for  incorporating a variety of colors, textures and sheens in his decorative finishes.  Just like those found in nature.

John Micheals Decorating in Riverside illinois

John Michaels Decorating was established in 1989.  Initially doing straight painting and wallpaper hanging, John quickly learned the finer points of the painting business through his association with the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA.)   As a graduate of Contractor College through the PDCA, and many years of membership, John learned the proper way to run a contracting business.  JMD is known for professionalism, integrity, thoroughness, quality work and neatness.  

John discovered the art of faux and decorative painting in the mid. 1990’s while working on a showcase house for charity.  The showcase was filled with faux and decorative painting.  This was the inspiration which began John’s pursuit of decorative arts, which has become his lifelong passion.

John Micheals Faux Finishing Specialist

To this day, John pursues his passion for faux.  Learning new finishes is an ongoing endeavor; John invests a number of weeks a year with continuing education.  He is a member of IDAL, International Decorative Artisans League, a group of top faux and decorative painters who share knowledge and skills.  His portfolio has grown to hundreds of finishes and hundreds successful faux installations.  Most of JMD’s work is faux, but John will still take on straight painting work, especially for his past customers.

JMD’s goal: To bring his love of the beauty and elegance of nature’s palette to the homes of his clients.  The results of  this passion can be seen in residential and commercial properties throughout  the Chicagoland area.


"John has a remarkable work ethic."

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